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My order arrived today and I’m in love! 💙 my son was due in March, but wanted to meet us early in February. 7 weeks early. I had pre-eclampsia. He was just under 4 lbs and had a 20 day NICU stay. Pumping became a full time job to me. I visited him every day in NICU and brought my cooler with milk. I wanted my baby home! 😊 pumping during those days will always be a memory I cherish. It was the one thing I had control of and could do to help! The milk I included was also the milk I pumped on my husband and I’s wedding anniversary, which gave it more special meaning. Thank you so much Anna Lewis for creating this beautiful jewelry for me. I even received an extra pair of earrings. 
Pictures do this ring no justice. It is incredible! Thank you so much, Anna Lewis I will forever cherish this sentimental ring as it commemorates the incredible bond that my sweet boy and I shared during our breastfeeding journey.
My order came in today! I am so thankful for these breast milk necklaces, my son and I fought to get to 1 year due to me being an under producer and I had help from two wonderful moms. So thankful for what you do and thank you for the extra stones. He also is my rainbow baby.
Thank you so very much for my necklace it’s perfect and so meaningful to me Opal flacks made into a rainbow with his hair down middle. Also there’s sparkling flakes thru out milk side. Thank u so much (did a rainbow because I tried 12 years to get prego).
Thank you Timeless Treasures! Got my beautiful keepsake necklace today with a strand of Sawyers hair and BM! Y’all Anna Lewis is amazing and it was so worth the wait! 
14 months breastfeeding it was a journey I’ll never forget! Shoutout to all the Milk Makers out there! 
Pumpin ain’t easy🤍🤍🤍

Loving my 2nd order from Anna! Have been wearing it every day since it arrived! 🥰

I love that it was made in September (baby’s birth month) and our one year anniversary of breastfeeding! (I had to exclusively pump bc of a few different issues)

Now that I’ve fully weaned I’m so thankful for a symbol of this hard, but well worth it journey!


I am absolutely in love with the ring and necklace Anna made. She was so easy to work with, asked all the right questions, and made sure my pieces were special. My ring has both my sons birthstones alternating with breastmilk. The necklace was a free gift she made me for ordering during mothers day and the small little breastmilk heart was a free little surprise!! She makes sure to use as much of your milk as she needs and never tosses the extra. She bottles it up in these cute little bottles to give you free of charge to do what you want with it. I will absolutely be ordering again during my next breastmilk journey. Literally the sweetest business owner! You won’t be disappointed!
The order process was smooth and quick to talk to you and the customization options were incredible! I love my ring that includes a piece of my heart when my dog passed away almost 2 years ago and now I take her everywhere with me. You sent me the remaining ashes back in a baggy as well an extra opal because you didn’t like how it turned out and you made the final piece look so beautiful like her “blue eyes”. I’m having my baby here soon and I already can’t wait to order a meaningful piece for this journey. 🤍 I also had the option to deliver or send the ashes through mail due to the fact we were so close and not even a couple weeks go by that my order was finished! You’re the best Anna & Stephanie. I always recommend!
Anna and her team are phenomenal to work with.  They are patient and kind.  The pieces they make are beautiful and durable. I recommend Timeless Treasures of KY to anyone that asks without hesitation.
So happy with how my ring turned out, can’t wait to pass it on to my daughter one day so she can always have a little piece of what helped her grow. This company is so caring and interactive, they really make sure you are getting everything you wanted in your jewelry and more. Couldn’t thank them enough for how beyond kind they were and how gorgeous their products are!
I love it so much! This setting is incredibly dainty, which is exactly what I wanted. It feels very sturdy too. I’ve had it for 7 months and it’s holding up to daily wear very well. Anna made my vision a reality. I didn’t expect to be able to see my daughter’s hair because it’s so light and fine, but she managed to make it visible and the moss preserved beautifully! I was sent an extra stone with my original order and Anna was able to set it in another ring so that I could put one in my baby’s time capsule!
Inclusions: hair, breastmilk(chunky), dried moss
(Pictured is both rings)
I’ve made two orders and for my first order I saw that a hair tree with flakes could be made. I knew I needed to do something like it because I did not know breastmilk jewelry with my firstborn was a thing. It was so amazing to include my firstborn’s hair and my second born’s milk to make a tree within the stone of my ring! I ended up going with blue flakes because I have two boys and my 2nd born was born in my blue SUV. I had no idea how that would turn out but it was beyond perfect!
For my 2nd order I ended up going more towards the figurine route, and I found a figurine mold that Anna did not have yet: whales! She made me a beautiful mother and baby whale set, as well as a beauty multi colored bear figurine. I ordered a lot more items that all came out perfect but these were definitely my favorites! Let Anna have free reign of creativity if you have the chance and you will not be disappointed.
Side note: use 10ml of breastmilk that your baby didn’t finish/would have been a pump and dump unconsumable milk, let that liquid gold not go to waste and be used toward these pieces!
Anna has created several pieces for me and has taken all the ideas I had and made them all masterpieces!  She has created memorial rings with ashes and flowers as well as the the “tree of life” for my daughter using hair and breast milk. Anna Lewis is so amazing to work with and her ability to make each piece come to life is incredible.  I cannot say enough about how much Anna’s work has given me and my family these amazing pieces to help us through our grief journey and the celebration of new life! This ring  set was made for my sister-in-law using my brothers ashes and flowers from his memorial service.  This set is simply stunning! The pear ring was designed for me and contains the ashes of my brother as well as flowers from his memorial service.