About Us

How it started.

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Lewis and I am a fulltime stay at home mom to 3 wonderful kids; 2 girls and my baby boy ♥️

We live in Nicholasville, Kentucky, where I handmake all your jewelry with love and care. I owe my husband a lot of credit… without him I never would have believed I could do this for others ♥️

Breastfeeding was a journey for me.. alot of ups… alot of downs… I always wanted a ring to commemorate the experience but could never afford one…

I do this for the LOVE of it! I donate a lot of time to make your beautiful jewelry. Keeping this affordable for everyone is my GOAL, because I’ve been there… I’m just a mom, not a big brand company. ♥️

I started making DNA jewelry for local members in the community. I love keeping the process as personal as possible, therefore, I do not have a website for ordering. Everything is done through Facebook Messenger so we can communicate person to person to ensure everything is exactly how you’d like it to be!

I can do everything, loved ones ashes/ pet ashes/ hair/ flowers/ umbilical cord, etc. ♥️

If anyone has any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to send me a message! I love hearing about your trials and triumphs!

Thank you for allowing me to make you a proud piece of your journey or remembrance of a loved one. 💕

Your KY momma of three!

Anna Lewis